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This tour will take you through Tarangire see the tree lion climbing, Ngorongoro crater, Visiting Masai village experiencing the pure culture and activities, the way they people live, and day Trek Kilimanjaro Mandara Hut see the roof of Africa Tanzania is home of wildlife and game drive through all around the world, making tours and safaris with Tosha Adventures

Day 1: Arusha to Tarangire

After early breakfast, proceed for a full day game drive at Tarangire National Park with picnic with picnic lunches, and overnight at Hotel we booked for your overnight. It is the national park which herds of up to 300 elephants scrape the waterless river bed for alternative streams, while nomadic wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, impala, gazelle, hartebeest and eland mass the decrease lagoons.
It is the most attentiveness of wildlife outside the Serengeti ecosystem - a smorgasbord for predators and the one place in Tanzania where dry-country antelope such as the stately fringe-eared Oryx and peculiar long-necked gerenuk are regularly practical. The only national park that hold the migrant during the dry season and welcoming home of different species of animal.
Later in the evening back to Arusha for dinner and overnight to the hotel we booked for you

Day 2: Masaai Village

After Breakfast Departure from the Hotel with lunch box together with guide and drive to MonduliJuu is a collection of four small Masai villages namely Emairete, Enguiki, Eluwai and Mfereji.
Emairete comprises of a wonderful crater where, in former times, the cattle of only medicine men were supposed to graze. Enguiki village is named after its famous pastures.
Eluwai is a village called after the trees where certain small ants have their habitat and that are whistling in the wind. Mfereji is a village down the escarpment that, a long time ago, develop from a place where a South African lived who pulled a ditch down to bring water from the Monduli Mountains.
This is what you can experience on this walking tour.
A climbing trip through the evergreen rain forest where you will experience the trees, the birds and other animals of that habitat.
A medical trip where you will feel and smell different medicinal herbs and visit a Maasai traditional healer.
A warm welcome in Naramatu: a small 'factory' where Maasai jewels are made.
Traditional 'nyamachoma' with our Maasai warriors in 'Orpul' where you will taste the meat yourself.
A rest at astonishing panorama overlooking the Rift valley, OldonyoLengai, Lake Natron.
The story of the secret cultural differences between Maasai and waarusha.
Later in the evening back to Arusha for Dinner and overnight at the Hotel we booked for you

Day 3: Arusha to Kilimanjaro, MANDARA HUT

At the first day you have to drive about 2 hrs through Kilimanjaro in the morning the semi-tropical foothills to Marangu area which situated on the south-eastern side of the mountain. As you drive, there is usually some admirable view of the snow-capped peak of the mountain. On arrival at Marangu gate, you meet your team of guides and porters, pick up any last minute supplies for the trek, and head to the entrance of Mount Kilimanjaro National Park to register for the climb.
From the cluster of buildings at the gate it is some four to five hours walk through patches of coffee plantation and dense rain forest to Mandara Hut. The forest teems with brightly-coloured bird life, colobus and other varieties of monkey. The flora includes numerous mosses, lichens and flowers, as well as delicate orchids. If the skies are clear you may have fine views over the town of Moshi lying at the boundary of the plain far underneath. Mandara Hut is a collection of basic, A-frame mountain huts with bunk beds - quite adequate for your needs - where you inevitably meet up with fellow trekkers who are bent on the same goal.
Late in the evening back to Arusha, Overnight stay at the hotel.
At the end of your Tour we will drop you off at the airport.
Note: Tosha Adventures uses a 4-WD Land Cruiser with viewing roofs for the safaris that can accommodate 4 or 6 passengers. Tosha Adventures' guides are licensed, trained, friendly, and have years of experience.



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